MIUS Employee Spotlight, Trevor Howard

Posted on 21-02-2020 | Posted by Lewis Newell

Celebrating 20 years with Trevor Howard.


In September 1999 Trevor Howard Joined Paul Mount as his first employee, and was appointed as an engineer.


Paul persuaded Trevor to join him at MIUS in 1997 after working closely with him through subcontracting arrangements with Medigraph Imaging - Trevor was a Director of this company at the time.  This joining of forces allowed Paul to focus on the sales aspect of the business and building the business, whilst Trevor took responsibility for engineering. This partnership worked well, Paul promised customers a high standard of service and Trevor delivered.


As the ball got rolling and MIUS began to grow, Trevor was appointed Service Director in 2002. Trevor was now in control of building and developing the service department, which included supporting client’s equipment, refurbishing and preparing them for sales all over the world.


2002 was a pivotal year for both MIUS and Trevor. Two massive deals happened, winning our first large service contract at Hammersmith hospital, and successfully being awarded a software/hardware contract at South Tees. Trevor took project responsibility of a five year programme at The James Cook University Hospital installing, implementing and managing complex patient cardiac image data migration form G.E and Philips platforms into the ProSolv CardioVascular system. This advanced software allowed hospitals quicker data retrieval and reporting functionality for cardiac departments.


In 2010 Trevor was appointed Managing Director, a new and exciting challenge, particularly as the business was rapidly developing and taking on greater challenges.

Trevor has been influential in MIUS’s progression, helping shape the company it is today. By Paul’s side he has overseen a tremendous growth in both success and staff! Trevor’s legacy will always be apparent at MIUS, not only for his fantastic work, but also as his two sons Max and Marcus have secured their own positions at the company. Max aged 21, has been working in sales as a Sales Coordinator since the start of the 2019 and Marcus aged 17 is currently learning the ropes as an Apprentice Engineer.

When Trevor isn’t working, he enjoys country pursuits, including biking, walking and just enjoying the great outdoors. Trevor is also very passionate about his cars, including working on his 1954 dodge pickup truck, as well as hot rods as pictured.


Trevor’s Favourites....

Food - Beef Wellington

Film - Road to Perdition

Series - Peaky Blinders

Song - Peace in our time  -  Big Country

Actor - Tom Hanks

Band/Artist - Tom Waits

Books - Jack Reacher



What 3 guests would Trevor invite round for a dinner party?  Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Bernard Montgomery, Winston Churchill.

Fun Fact...... Trevor grew up in rural east of Pretoria, South Africa. Living in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by all kinds of vehicles, Trevor took every opportunity to be round tractors and lorries, often helping with his parent’s haulage business.  At 12 years old, Trevor’s parent took a trip to Europe for three months, leaving Trevor in charge of the businesses. Trevor allowed time out of school, with the Headmaster’s approval, who thought it would be good for Trevor! Imagine that happening today! Trevor recalls driving an articulated truck at the age of 13! At 15 Trevor left school before attending college in Pretoria studying electronic engineering….. and the rest is history!


On behalf of everyone at MIUS, Thank you for 20 fantastic years!



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