Do you use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts?

Yes. Our policy regarding use of spare parts will usually align with that of the OEM.

Is your service delivery determined by the customer’s location?

No. MIUS have a large number of engineers spread across England and Wales. This enables us to provide the same high level of service to all customers.

Are your engineers qualified to work on my equipment?

Yes, most of our engineers previously worked for original equipment manufacturers and come with a wealth of experience.

Do you provide a full report on all servicing carried out?

Yes. Electronic service reports are provided following each service visit to the customer’s nominated point of contact. In addition to this, any local requirements for handover forms will be dealt with by the engineer who attends site.

What happens if we need to log a fault outside of your normal office hours?

We have a technical support facility available at all times. The extent of the support provided outside of standard hours will depend on the requirements priced within the contract.

If your engineer doesn’t have the required spare parts on their first visit how long will it take to obtain them?

MIUS hold a large inventory of parts in stock at our warehouse which can be delivered the same day. We also have arrangements with manufacturers and other companies for overnight delivery.

Can MIUS provide servicing outside of standard Mon-Fri operational hours?

Yes, cover can be provided up to 24/7 at additional cost - requirements need to be discussed at contract negotiation stage.

Do you have remote diagnostic capabilities?

Yes. MIUS have N3 connectivity which can be used for remote diagnostics dependent on access through the customer’s IT systems

Can you provide software updates and upgrades

Any upgrades/updates which relate to patient safety are supplied by the OEM as a mandatory requirement. MIUS can provide other upgrades through the OEM at cost.

Are MIUS able to maintain equipment which is near the OEM’s end of life?

Yes, due to its extensive stockholding of spare parts and engineering experience, MIUS is often able to maintain equipment beyond the lifespan anticipated by the OEM.

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