Terms & Conditions



For the purposes of this Agreement, the terms set forth below shall have the following meanings: 

1.1.   "Corrective Maintenance" shall mean the services carried out by MIUS to repair any defect in or malfunction of the Equipment which is discovered by the Customer or MIUS from time to time as further detailed hereinafter. 
1.2   "Documentation" shall mean all the manuals relating to the Equipment, Spare Parts and Special Parts, including any operating, maintenance and other related service documentation. 
1.3   “Effective Day” shall mean the first date of the delivery of the Services hereunder. 
1.4   “Equipment” shall mean the medical imaging equipment included or referred to in the Terms and Conditions. 
1.5   “Guaranteed Response Time” shall mean, in relation to the Corrective Maintenance, the time interval during the Time Coverage hours only beginning upon the recording of the Customer’s request by the Technical Call Centre and ending either (i) at the time when labour starts carrying out the Services on the Equipment on the Customer’s Site or (ii) at the time when connection is established with the Equipment for carrying out the Remote Service. 
1.6   “Labour” shall mean the services MIUS or MIUS’s Service Supplier(s)’ personnel whose involvement is necessary for the fulfilment of MIUS’s obligations under this Agreement. 
1.7   “Period Charge” shall be the fraction(s) of the Total Annual Price, the payment frequency of which is indicated in the Specific Terms, calculated by MIUS, and payable by the Customer to MIUS in accordance with Section 5 hereof for the Services provided. 
1.8   “Planned Maintenance” shall mean the routine maintenance services carried out by MIUS, at such intervals as recommended by manufacturers, to reduce the risk of breakdown and maintain the performance of Equipment to a level that ensures its normal use, as further detailed hereinafter, Planned Maintenance does not include replacements of items of Equipment or parts required due to wear and tear. 
1.9   "Safety and Mandatory Field Modification Instructions" shall mean those safety modifications and/or upgrades relating to the Equipment that are ordered by the manufacturer or mandated by regulatory provisions and are included in the Standard Services provided by MIUS. 
1.10   “Service Supplier” shall mean any third party individual, firm or company appointed by MIUS at its sole discretion to render services in fulfilment of MIUS’s obligations hereunder. 
1.11   “Services” shall mean all the services selected by the Customer in the Specific Terms and Conditions, provided by MIUS for the Customer in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. 
1.12   “Site” shall mean the specific geographic location within which the Equipment will be used by Customer, 
1.13   “Software” shall mean a computer program or compilation of data that is fixed in any tangible medium of expression, or any storage medium from which the program may be perceived, reproduced or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. 
1.14   “Spare Parts” shall mean all the parts necessary to carry out Corrective Maintenance as described in the Documentation, to the exclusion of Special Parts. 
1.15   “Special Parts” shall mean the specific spare parts not included in the Services and specifically selected by the Customer in the Terms and Conditions. 
1.16   “Substantially Equivalent” shall mean parts or items of equipment, which, by vendor type and modality, are considerably similar in technology, functionality and types of options to the Spare Parts, to the Special Parts or to the Equipment. 
1.17   “Supplementary Services” shall mean any service carried out by MIUS upon the Customer’s request and which may be linked to this Agreement but which was not initially set within this Agreement’s scope of application. The Supplementary Service shall be submitted, without an amendment needing to be signed between the parties, to all the terms of this Agreement, with the exception of the contractual terms related to the Total Annual Price. 
1.18   “Terms and Conditions” shall mean the page or pages preceding signed and dated by the parties and containing the Standard Services, the Optional Services, the Options, the Total Annual Price and the Periodic Charge. 
1.19   “Time Coverage" shall mean 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on any Working Day. 
1.20   “Trip" shall mean the transfer of Labour from a MIUS Service Supplier site or workshop to a Customer Site as necessary for the provision of the Services herein defined. 
1.21   “Total Annual Price” shall mean the annual price owed by the Customer and calculated by MIUS for the provision of all the Services in relation to the Equipment covered by this Agreement and designated in Exhibit 1. 
1.22   “Working Day” means any day other than Saturday or Sunday or a bank or public holiday. 
1.23   “Uptime Definition” means the time equipment is available to produce diagnostic imaging between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday. Any Scheduled work and ppm visits and delays in parts procurement 


MIUS agrees to provide to the Customer, and the Customer agrees to take from MIUS, for the term of the Agreement, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, the Services specified herein based on the option(s) selected by the Customer, for all Equipment such Equipment being located and operated within a Customer Site. 

3     TERM

3.1    This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Day and, unless terminated earlier as provided herein, shall remain in full force for the time period set forth in the Terms and Conditions. 
3.2    This Agreement will automatically be renewed for successive terms of one (1) year, unless terminated by either Party serving on the other three (3) months' notice in writing prior to the expiry of the Term or any anniversary thereafter. 


MIUS   shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Services corresponding to the services and options combination selected by the Customer in the Terms and Conditions as follows: 
4.1   Service Hours
        4.1.1    The Services, including the Planned Maintenance and the Corrective Maintenance, shall be provided within the Time Coverage. 
        4.1.2    Except as expressly provided in this Agreement or as agreed between the parties in writing, MIUS shall have no obligation to provide any Services to the Customer outside the Time Coverage. 
        4.1.3    If the Customer has selected the Guaranteed Response Time option provided in the Terms and Conditions, for the purposes only of determining the period of time within which MIUS makes a response, any period between the end of the Time Coverage on one Working Day and the beginning of the Time Coverage on the next Working Day shall be disregarded. 
4.2    Planned Maintenance 
        4.2.1    Planned Maintenance shall include Labour and Site Visits during the Time Coverage only and shall consist of operating, verification and calibration tests, in accordance with the recommendations and frequency prescribed by the manufacturer in the attached Documentation. 
        4.2.2    MIUS and the Customer shall establish, at the beginning of the calendar year or at the beginning of the contractual period, the annual forecasted schedule of Planned Maintenance for the Equipment. 
        4.2.3    MIUS shall undertake an on-site audit of all equipment prior to contract activation. The audit report should be submitted prior to the expiry date of the existing contract, thus enabling the Customer to forward the report to the incumbent supplier prior to contract expiry. The incumbent supplier is then obligated to complete any remedial works as detailed in the audit report free of charge. Should remedial works not be carried out, any works identified in the audit report which require remedial action post contract activation will incur a cost outside of the contract. Where MIUS have been unable to perform an audit prior to contract activation, a Preventative Maintenance Service should be planned within one month of contract activation. Any remedial works identified at this time will incur a cost outside of the contract. 
4.3    Corrective Maintenance (Optional)
        4.3.1 Corrective Maintenance shall include Site Visits and Labour during the Time Coverage. 
        4.3.2  Notification of defects in or malfunctions of the Equipment must be made immediately by the Customer to MIUS and indicate the Equipment reference number, the Site name, the name of the Customer contact person and degree of urgency of the breakdown. 
4.4    Spare Parts and Special Parts (Optional) 
If the Customer has selected the option in the Terms and Conditions MIUS shall use all reasonable endeavours to supply the Special Parts and if applicable Special Parts with the Corrective Maintenance services and upon the following conditions: 
        4.4.1    Spare Parts and Special Parts shall be provided either on a standard exchange basis (according to the applicable AFNOR standard) or as new parts. Replaced Parts become MIUS’s property and will be promptly removed by MIUS from the Customer Site. 
        4.4.2     MIUS reserves the right to provide the Customer with Substantially Equivalent Parts as regards the provision of Spare Part or Special Parts. 
        4.4.3    MIUS shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the provision by MIUS to the Customer of Spare Parts or Special Parts under this Agreement hereof, shall not have in any way for result the modification of the Equipment’s performances. 
        4.4.4    Services shall not include accessories and consumables as well as replacement parts excluded under existing manufacturer contracts or elsewhere in this Agreement. 
4.5    Tools, Documents and Software 
        4.5.1    In connection with the Services provided on the Equipment, MIUS’s personnel may from time to time use any Software, Document, instrument or combination, service tools, hardware or Adaptation Kit not owned by or licensed to the Customer, or for which MIUS has granted a license in application of Section 16 hereafter. For the sake of convenience, MIUS or MIUS’s Service Supplier’s personnel may permanently or from time to time store such tools and software on the Customer Site. The Customer hereby agrees
to give MIUS access, without any charge, a locked cabinet or box for such storage, allowing access and removal by MIUS of any or all of such tools and software at any time. 
        4.5.2    The presence of such tools and software on the Site shall not grant the Customer any right, title or licence to use the same. Any access, disclosure or use of any of such tools and software to or by the Customer, its employees or any person other than MIUS’s or MIUS’s Service Supplier’s employees is strictly prohibited. The Customer hereby agrees to use its best endeavours to protect all of such tools and software from damage, loss and any access, disclosure or use contrary to such prohibition. The risks of loss of and damage to the tools and software passes to the Customer from the moment of their installation in the Customer Site. 
4.6    Record Retention and Access 
Any Service performed on the Equipment hereunder shall give rise to the preparation of a service report by MIUS, which shall mention for each Equipment any dysfunction and any Corrective Maintenance provided in order to restore the Equipment into operating condition. 
4.7    Agency authorisation 
        4.7.1 In order to allow MIUS to provide Services more efficiently, the Customer authorises MIUS to act as it’s duly authorised representative in obtaining if necessary service support, parts and other technical information or elements from the manufacturers of Equipment. 


5.1    Price of Services 
The Total Annual Price to be paid by the Customer for the Services is set forth in the Terms and Conditions. 
        5.1.2    The Total Annual Price shall comprise the Periodic Charges, the frequency of which are indicated in the Terms and Conditions. For each period of payment of the Periodic Charges, MIUS shall calculate the total amount due by the Customer hereunder and shall issue to the Customer a corresponding written invoice. If the first contractual period between the Effective Date and the Anniversary Date is less than one year, then the Total Annual Price will be calculated on a pro rata basis. 
        5.1.3    Any revision of the Total Annual Price and the Periodic Charges corresponding to (i) the addition or withdrawal of any Equipment to or from the Equipment or (ii) any modification of the options relating to the Equipment shall always be agreed by way of a written amendment to this Agreement signed by the Parties which shall amend as the case may be: 
(i)  the Equipment; (ii)  the Terms and Conditions; (iii)  the Total Annual Price, modified in accordance with the applicable MIUS price lists. 
        5.1.4    All charges and other sums payable by the Customer under this Agreement are exclusive of any applicable value added tax, which shall be additionally payable by the Customer together with the charge or the sum in question. 
5.2    Price Revision 
The Total Annual Price shall be revised automatically on an upward only basis on each anniversary date of the Effective Date (hereafter “Anniversary Date”) of this Agreement, as provided in the Terms and Conditions or on such other terms as MIUS shall from time to time reasonably specify. 
5.3    Additional price for Supplementary Services
Supplementary Services shall be paid for in accordance with the current applicable price list at that time. The Customer’s agreement on the price of such Supplementary Services is deemed accepted up to a total annual amount stipulated in the Specific Terms. 
5.4    Terms of payment 
        5.4.1    The Customer shall pay the total amount of the Periodic Charges invoiced by MIUS, plus the corresponding VAT at the then applicable rate, within thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice. If the Customer fails to pay on the due date any amount which is payable to MIUS pursuant to this Agreement then, that amount shall bear interest from the date due until payment is made to MIUS (both before and after any judgement) at 4 per cent over Barclays Bank plc base rate from time to time. 
        5.4.2    The payment shall be made by cheque or bank transfer to an account, the particulars of which shall be communicated by MIUS to the Customer, or by direct debit. 
        5.4.3    All amounts due from the Customer under this Agreement shall be paid in full without any deduction or withholding other than as may be required by law and the Customer shall not be entitled to assert any credit, set-off, or counterclaim against MIUS in order to justify withholding payment of any such amount, in whole or in part. 
        5.4.4    Time for payment by the Customer of any amounts hereunder shall be of the essence of this Agreement. 

6    EXCLUSIONS Services shall not include the following: 

6.1    All services relating to equipment not identified in the Terms and Conditions. 
6.2    Any service resulting from a force majeure event or the provision of which by MIUS is made impossible due to a force majeure event, including, but not limited to, any fire, explosion, flooding or damage to a building, whatever the cause may be. 
6.3    Any and all services relating to or resulting from, in MIUS’s opinion:
any design, specification or instruction provided by the Customer or by its representative; or
non-compliance by the Customer with its obligations under this Agreement; or 
non-compliance by any person other than MIUS or MIUS’s Service Suppliers with the written instructions or recommendations issued by MIUS or any manufacturer; or 
customer’s combining the Equipment with any other item of equipment incompatible therewith; or 
any alteration or improper storage, handling or use (and in particular any intentionally improper use or operation or any inadequate disinfecting or sterilisation procedure) or to or from the fact that any part of the equipment has been improperly maintained by any person other than MIUS or MIUS’s Service Suppliers; or 
any cause external to the Equipment, including, but not limited to, the defective nature of a building or vehicle, variations, fluctuations or outages in the power supply or any default of the air-conditioning system; or 
any chemical, biological or radioactive damage or contamination requiring decontamination; or 
any malfunction or design or manufacturing defects impacting any Equipment or any part not manufactured by MIUS; or 
any transportation or relocation of the Equipment not performed by or on behalf of MIUS; or
any modification, adjustment or repair to the Equipment made by a third party without the written consent of MIUS. 
6.4    Any service included in the manufacturer’s warranty or related to Equipment upgrades, if the option has not been selected by the Customer in the Terms and Conditions, in the installation programs or in the Equipment certification protocols. 
6.5    The provision by MIUS of any whole machine or of Accessories and consumables 
6.6    Any repair, adjustment, replacement or any other services required by reason of (i) any negligence, wrongful acts, omissions of the Customer, its agents, employees, subcontractors or any third party or (ii) non-compliance or default by the Customer, his agents, employees, sub- contractors, or third parties with or with respect to (A) technical standards or regulations in force, or (B) installation specifications or instructions, or (C) user or general maintenance manuals, or (D) environmental installation conditions (including without limitation, supply of power, water, or air conditioning). 
6.7    Any Service made impossible because of the unavailability from suppliers or refusal of sale or supply by the said Suppliers of Spare Parts, Special Parts and/or service software 
6.8    Any other services specifically not expressly covered under this Agreement, the maintenance and repair services that may be provided by MIUS at the Customer’s request and in particular technical assistance, demonstrations, or removal of materials. 
6.9    If on investigation MIUS reasonably determines that any defect in or malfunction of the Equipment is the result of any of the matters referred to in this Section 6, the Customer shall be liable for all costs incurred by MIUS in making the investigation and determining the cause at MIUS's current standard prices at that time. 
6.10    Equalisation and/or Reconditioning of batteries on Mobile units. 


7.1    In the event that the Customer is party to continuing maintenance services agreements with other manufacturers or service suppliers in respect of the maintenance of any Equipment, the terms of such agreements shall in no way be amended by this Agreement, and MIUS shall not assume any obligation under such agreements. 
7.2    The terms of this Agreement shall not apply to Equipment covered by such agreements prior to the lawful expiration or termination thereof. The Customer agrees to pursue all reasonable steps for expeditious, legal and proper termination of any such agreement. In this case, the Total Annual Price applicable to this Equipment shall be adjusted according to MIUS’s current standard prices. 


In the event that the Equipment has not been commercialised by MIUS or any other manufacturer for more than five (5) years, and/or as regards Equipment not manufactured by MIUS, in the event that MIUS is unable to obtain the Spare Parts or Special Parts, including of the Substantially Equivalent parts, MIUS may stop providing the Services on the concerned Equipment, upon the service of written notice by MIUS to the Customer to that effect. In such case, the Total Annual Price shall be adjusted on a pro rata basis. 


During the Term of the Agreement, the Customer shall be responsible for and shall bear all costs and expenses and bear all liability in respect of the obligations relating to: 
9.1    Maintaining the Customer Site and technical environment (including temperature and humidity control, incoming power quality and fire protection system) in a state adapted to the operation of the Equipment; 
9.2    Ensuring that the Equipment is operated in accordance with all applicable regulations;
9.3    Ensuring that no person other than MIUS's or the Service Supplier's personnel adjusts, maintains, repairs, replaces or removes any part of the Equipment. 
9.4    Using the Equipment only in accordance with the recommendations under the Documentation relating to the Equipment; 
9.5    Ensuring that all personnel permitted to operate Equipment are adequately trained in the proper operation of the Equipment; 
9.6    Providing lighting and generally all necessary sources of energy, as well as a telephone line; 
9.7    Ensuring proper safety conditions for Labour during the provision of the Services and in particular ensuring that, prior to the provision of any service, the Equipment shall be totally clean and exempt from potentially infected materials and from all biological fluids. As a consequence, during any intervention by members of MIUS’s personnel at any Site, the Customer undertakes to: 

  •  Take any measures to prevent the transmission of infectious agents transmitted through blood and/or biological fluids. 
  •  Comply with the standards of conduct applying in case of an accident involving exposure to blood and/or biological fluids.

MIUS’s personnel may suspend maintenance or repair operations and disconnect the Equipment if they consider that there is a risk to their safety and health. In such event, the MIUS’s personnel concerned will inform the Customer and the Customer shall promptly take all necessary actions to ensure that the Equipment is safe and free of any risk to the health and safety of MIUS’s personnel.
9.8    Issuing a formal prevention plan defining the risks and protection measures taken in order to guarantee the safety and hygiene conditions applicable to MIUS’s personnel when providing services on the Customer Site.
9.9    The regulation of personnel and patient access as well as parking in the environment of the Equipment’s magnets. 
9.10    Management of the Equipment’s regulatory control which is under the Customer’s sole responsibility. 
The Customer shall take, under his sole responsibility, all measures required by regulatory modification and in particular, the Customer shall take all necessary steps relating to the knowledge and application of legislative and regulatory provisions applicable to the Equipment.



10.1    If any item of the Equipment is permanently removed by the Customer, the Customer may notify MIUS in writing to discontinue the Services for such item subject to compliance with a term of notice of thirty (30) days. This applies to single items of equipment and not the whole contract. The Periodic Charges applicable to such item of Equipment shall cease to apply from the date of the removal, and MIUS shall grant the Customer a credit on a pro rata basis of the period of use during the period concerned. 
10.2    Subject to prior express acceptance by MIUS and at the Customer’s request, MIUS shall also provide the Services on any Equipment installed on a Customer Site after the Effective Date. 
Such modification shall give rise to an amendment to the Agreement, updating the list of Equipment and Customer Sites, and adjusting the Total Annual Price. 
10.3    None of the clauses of this Agreement shall be construed as obliging MIUS to provide maintenance services in respect of any equipment not expressly identified in the Terms and Conditions. 

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